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Free improvisation workshop

The objective of this workshop is to introduce improvisation concepts to instrumentalists of all levels associated with jazz and popular music. Many times they have no contact with improvisation since the classical process does not teach it. These concepts are extremely important in the complete development of a musician. Developing safety, freedom when playing, and auditory perception. Additionally, players become more aware of their instrument and its capabilities.


Composition and directing workshop

This space will be designated to provide basic techniques for composing and performing new music. Playing with timbres, nuances, melodies and harmonies. Using the concept of creation in the moment. This awakens creativity, it will improve the ability to solve problems in the future. The direction is important to organize the ideas and have a concept of what the director is doing and what he wants from the ensemble.

This entire program has been carried out with the musical education of the OSIJB members in mind. It has been taken into account that there are many aspects of music that a musician must develop such as cognitive, psychological, motor and emotional skills. These skills are unique to music, so all youth should have access to it since no other area covers these important aspects of development in a systematic and practical way.


Concerts will be held in public spaces, to draw large crowds; In later editions of the festival, it is contemplated to request a voluntary contribution for the sustainability of the event. But first we have to publicize what we are doing.


Music reading seminar

The seminar is called "The language of Music" It is aimed both for people who have never had contact with reading and for those who already have experience in that. It is a new way of learning and relearning that music is basically a language and as such it must be taught. It consists of three sections, it begins with a knowledge of the symbols used in music and their respective values. As a second part we study the musical notes and their height relationship, the reading of keys and notations and finally, the bars and their configuration, ways of marking, subdividing and study techniques of music reading.

Master Classes

Master Classes Group and individual classes of flute, clarinet, violin, double bass, trumpet, percussion and saxophone.




It will work in specific sections. Strings, woodwinds, brass winds, percussion. And then dress rehearsals with the teachers and with the principal conductor Klever Gallegos.



The workshops, seminars and master classes will be free for the children and young people of the Guaranda Bolívar Youth Symphony Orchestra


We are sorry but the registrations for the Guaranda Music Festival 2017 have ended. Try to apply next year.

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