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Call for Latin American composers


Provide the world with new works with a tint of freshness which rescue elements of traditional music from Latin America in academic music. Thus highlighting the showiness of Latin music for soloists in a European instrumental format.



All authors or composers from any Latin American country and without distinction may participate in it.

The works presented must be free of rights that may be held by third parties, considering the Guaranda International Music Festival exempt from all responsibility in case of litigation or discussion that may arise from the breach of this condition.


Technical conditions of the call:

  1. The ensemble is made up of strings (5 violins I, 5 violins II, 4 violas, 3 cellos and 2 double basses) with two or more solitas can be violin, cello, double bass, clarinet or flute.

  2. Duration between 6 and 10 minutes.

  3. The composition must demonstrate the virtuosity of the soloists.

  4. The composition must demonstrate a combination of elements of traditional music from the composer's country of origin and academic music, which must be premiered on the Ecuador-Colombia tour of the Guaranda International Music Festival 2019.

  5. A MIDI of the work and the score of the work must be delivered to be selected.

  6. The jury's decision will be irrevocable once the decision has been made

  7. A pre-selection will be made and a maximum of 3 works per country will be chosen.

  8. An international jury of different nationalities will rate each composition based on the components described above.



  1. A total of 4 works will be chosen which will be premiered worldwide with renowned artists.

  2. The winning composers will be able to attend the premiere of the work and accommodation, food and internal transportation will be covered. (This does not include airfare from the country of origin to Quito, Ecuador and back from Bogotá, Colombia)

  3. Each work will be rewarded with $ 375 US dollars


Deadline: April 20, 2019 at 12:00 p.m. Ecuador.

Before starting the application you will need:

  1. Passport

  2. MIDI (audio)

  3. Score of the work

  4. Complete the form


Property rights:

The selected proposals will become part of the material property of the Guaranda International Music Festival, as well as the cultural heritage of humanity.

After the festival the Composer or author may use his work as appropriate.


Acceptance of the Bases:

Participation in the Contest implies acceptance of these Rules by the participants.

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