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Festival Internacional de Muica Guaranda 2018
Festiva Guaranda brass metales

The Guaranda International Music Festival 2018 is a social and cultural project of decentralization, which provides a comprehensive education through classical music. For musicians of all ages and levels. In addition, it encourages cultural and artistic exchange between musicians and dancers from different cultures seeking to enrich artists from Ecuador and Latin America, exposing the residents of Guaranda, Riobamba, Quito and Cuenca to new rhythms and sensations.


Reason for the festival

The Festival consists of academic musical performances, as well as dance performances with artists from Canada, the United States, Mexico, Panama, Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, Honduras, Brazil, Japan and Ecuador; in addition, it offers workshops, seminars and master classes such as: Improvisation and Composition Workshop; Study techniques seminar, experiences of musicians on stage, musical career and exhibition of scholarships for artists abroad. In dance: update and body percussion workshop. This programming has been planned trying to meet international and Ecuadorian cultural education standards; for a week these corners of Ecuador will be illuminated with art and knowledge.

Reasons why the festival arises

The Guaranda International Music Festival arises from the need to create cultural and educational processes in the central region of the country, Guaranda, inspired by the educational project of the Guaranda Infant-Youth Symphony Orchestra. The Bolívar Children's and Youth Symphony Orchestra is an orchestra made up of indigenous and mestizo musicians between the ages of 12 and 18. In addition, some of its members have visual disabilities. Guaranda is a region where you can start processes with the highest level of content and programming. Academic music in Guaranda and its surroundings is promising, and we want to accompany it by closely following these transformative processes. As in the organic law stipulates in article 2 “It guarantees the right of people to an education of quality and warmth, pertinent, adequate, contextualized, updated and articulated throughout the educational process, in its systems, levels, sublevels or modalities. ; and that includes permanent evaluations. " Guaranteeing these educational processes for spectators and artists is an important pillar for us, who make up the festival.

Training of audiences

As in its 2017 edition, the events will be free and will be held in public and open places such as squares and parks, accessible to spectators; The same that will be protected by the Ecuadorian National Police creating a safe environment for both participants and attendees. The music is inclusive since popular music will be performed with bands from the region and also academic music to the delight of various audiences.


Holding an interactive international artistic cultural event is highly motivating since it arouses curiosity and interest in learning and participating in activities that contribute to the development and comprehensive education of children and young people in the region, who make up the majority of the Bolivarian population between 10 and 19 years old. , according to INEC data. As well as professional musicians from 18 to 30 years old who will serve as a model for future generations of musicians in Guaranda. In addition, the concept of voluntary contribution will be taken, which will help new audiences to become aware of the contribution towards academic art.




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